Fearfully Awaiting the End

by Viduus

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released January 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Viduus Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Flint Beard
Tim Buchanan
Jamie Schnetzler
Matt Fletcher
Caleb Montgomery

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Track Name: Naught But Perversion
Copies of copies of copies
The “youth” have become
copies of copies of copies.

The guise of "youth", resurrected.
Erstwhile fathers discarded, deceased.
Disenfranchised, aging cynics,
shed a long dead ideology.

Simulacrum of a lost persona,
fraudulent stand-ins starve for acclaim.
Unremittant exploitation
again rewarded, flattered with praise.

Naught but cheap perversion,
failed replication of what we held dear.
Truant passion begets a lifeless core
hollow, forsaken, forlorn.
Track Name: Muzzled And Gagged
In ignorance we called him god,
In ignorance we're born again,
In ignorance we sold our souls,
In ignorance we imagine sin.

Not of this world, a fabrication. A surrogate legend, unalterable.
Our souls to the crux, an immolation, amends to naught but a fable.
Distorted godheads, perverted legends, adopted mythology, stories of old.
A plagiarized deity, misbegotten, borrowed from myth long forgotten.

An obligated victim, a voluntary offering,
at the apex of his vanity, Man revels in his suffering.
Burned into our collective subconscious: unfounded guilt and sorrow.
Logic and reason willingly traded for the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Foolish verses deciphered by gullible minds, force fed to the masses, misquoted through time. This ancient volume offers flawed reason for innumerable, unspeakable crimes.

And so humanity stands, fearfully awaiting the end.
Our eyes are open; our minds are muzzled and gagged.
Track Name: The Olympian View
From the heights of the American Olympus,
views of humanity are skewed;
qualitatively different from that of mere mortals,
amoral, immoral, unnatural.

Their Guiltless blood habitually spilled,
ignore the nightmarish details.
Mortal lives (are) inherently blurred,
inconsequential foreign beings.

Unprecedented atrocities,
conveniently distant, removed.
Baseless transgressions, consciously hidden,
chapters ripped from historical record.

Consciences unaffected,
remarkably unbothered,
we demi-gods press on,
unbridled by empathy.

From the heights of the American Olympus, gods command what is seen.
Sympathy lost, selfishness rules the willingly uninformed sheep.